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In coordination with the County Free Fair, our 4-H program holds our annual County 4-H Rifle, Archery and Shotgun contests on the weekends leading up to the county fair. The Rifle Shoot was held on August 12 at the Collins Wildlife Facility and the Shotgun and Archery Contests were held north of Crowder on August 19. Results were as follows:

Junior Air Rifle (ages 9-11)

1st Place-Noah Burgess, Quinton

Intermediate Air Rifle (ages 12-14)

1st -Solar Starr, Crowder

2nd-Benjamin Hovey, Clover Power

3rd-Bryan Clark, Haileyville

4th-Shane Francies, Clover Power

Senior Air Rifle (ages 15+)

1st-Ammon Hovey, Clover Power

2nd-Samuel Hovey, Clover Power

3rd-Jonathan Bullard, Clover Power

Intermediate Air Pistol

1st-Landon Thain, Tannehill

2nd-Bryan Clark, Haileyville

Senior Air Pistol

1st-Jonathan Bullard, Clover Power

2nd-Shannon Francies, Clover Power

.22 Scoped, .22 Open and .22 Pistol

1st Place-Jonathan Bullard

Intermediate Shotgun Trap

1st-Solar Starr

2nd-Dax Johnson, Crowder

3rd-Benjamin Hovey

Senior Shotgun Trap

1st-JW Ragan, Crowder

2nd-Jonathan Bullard

3rd-Samuel Hovey

4th-Conner Thomas, Crowder

5th-Ammon Hovey

6th-Kaylee Sanchez, Crowder

Intermediate Shotgun Skeet-

1st Place-Solar Starr

2nd-Dax Johnson

Senior Shotgun Skeet-

1st-Jonathan Bullard

2nd-Conner Thomas

3rd-JW Ragan

4th-Kaylee Sanchez

Junior Recurve Archery

1st-Hailee Hutchinson, Clover Power

2nd-Pheonix Gallegos, Haileyville

3rd-Lilli Cox, Canadian

4th-Aleah Coplen, Canadian

5th-Asa Coplen, Canadian

Intermediate Recurve Archery

1st-Benjamin Hovey

2nd-Bryan Clark

3rd-Owen Everly, Lakewood

4th-Landon Thain

5th Place-Shane Francie

6th-Asher Coplen, Canadian

7th-Anna Coplen, Canadian

Senior Recurve Archery

1st-Ammon Hovey

2nd-Jonathan Bullard

3rd-Samuel Hovey

Junior Compound Archery

1st-Lillie Cox

2nd-Hailee Hutchinson

3rd-Pheonix Gallegos

4th-Cheyenne Wright, Haileyville

5th-Asa Coplen

6th-Aleah Coplen

Intermediate Compound Archery

1st-Kody Boatright, Haileyville

2nd-Landon Thain

3rd-Bryan Clark

4th-Solar Starr

5th-Owen Everly

6th-Benjamin Hovey

7th-Anna Coplen

8th-Shane Francies

9th-Asher Coplen

Senior Compound Archery

1st-Spencer Autrey, Hartshorne

2nd-Jonathan Bullard

3rd-Natalie Hollingshead, Savanna

We also do a Hi-Point award for all shooting sports categories combined based on placings in all shooting sports events combined. The top three Shooting Sports Hi Point award winners were as follows:

Junior Hi Point

1st Place-Hailee Hutchinson

2nd Place-Lillie Cox

3rd Place-Pheonix Gallegos

Intermediate Hi Point

1st Place-Solar Starr

2nd Place-Bryan Clark

3rd Place-Benjamin Hovey

Senior Hi Point

1st Place-Jonathan Bullard

2nd Place-Ammon Hovey

3rd Place-Samuel Hovey

Awards will be presented on Saturday, September 9 at the EXPO at 4 p.m. at the County Fair Awards Ceremony. For more information about these and other 4-H events and activities please give us a call at the office at 423-4120 or email me at greg.owen@okstate.edu.

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