Bow licenses up, deer numbers down on first day of archery season

NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Starting Friday, bowhunters in North Dakota got the OK to head out in the field.

This is the first day for both deer and antelope bow seasons across North Dakota.

Both hunters and game and fish biologists say it’s a grim outlook so far because many deer and antelope died in last winter’s deep snow.

Still, last year the ND Game and Fish Department issued around 27,000 bow tags.

This year, big game supervisors say bow tags so far are up about 5%.

Fortunately, after the snow melt and rain this year, Game and Fish workers say hunters will find more lush green habitat to hunt.

“If you look at other archery hunting tactics, some guys like to you know, the spot and stock, especially in the mule deer, and when it’s dry and crisp, it is really difficult to get close to those deer, and so, it’s a little bit better conditions from that aspect,” North Dakota Game and Fish Assistant Wildlife Division Chief Bill Haase said.

“For me, to go out hunting it’s not just about the deer, it’s about to go out interacting with nature and spend some time, and just self-reflection on how the nature and as a human being like can interact with nature,” Bowhunter Sidike Abudureyimu said.

Deer bow season is now open through January 7. While antelope bow season closes on September 24.

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