Chicago White Sox shooting: Woman shot at Guaranteed Rate Field denies bringing gun to park; ATF joins investigation

CHICAGO (WLS) — One of the women who was shot at the Chicago White Sox game on Friday night, says she didn’t bring the gun into Guaranteed Rate Field.

Her attorneys spoke out Tuesday and they said their client was sitting in the stands when she was hit by a bullet.

The attorneys, who said the woman is a season tickets holder, released a statement saying, “Our client underwent emergency medical treatment for a gunshot wound she received while attending a baseball game. She denies bringing a firearm into the stadium and further denies having anything to do with the discharge of a firearm at the stadium. We have reviewed photographic evidence and x-rays of our client’s injuries with firearms and medical experts who confirm the gunshot wound our client sustained was not self-inflicted and was not the result of her accidentally discharging a firearm. We will continue investigating this matter further to pursue justice on behalf of our client who sustained serious personal injuries as a result of this shooting.”

Law enforcement experts had said that the way the 42-year-old was wounded suggested a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

READ MORE: Shooting at White Sox game likely involved gun fired inside park

But a police source now tells ABC-7 the woman’s clothing tested negative for gunshot residue.

ABC7 reviewed vide of the woman entering Gate 5 last Friday. It shows that as she goes through the magnetometer, the alarm lights trigger at waist level. But at the same time, the man who went through before her is reaching back for his cell phone, which had been slid through on a gray tray.

The video also shows that at that moment, a woman on the other side is pushing a small bag through on a table.

So the 42-year-old woman, who is very heavy, is told by security to go back through the magnetometer. No alarms go offt hen, or when she proceeds back through, so she is not wanded and is allowed to proceed into the ballpark.

Along with that 42-year-old who was shot in the left-field bleachers, there were two other victims.

A 26-year-old was grazed in the stomach and a 31-year-old was nicked in the back. Both of those woman are CPS teachers at Graham Elementary School who were celebrating the end of the first week of classes with a group of 30 or so colleagues at the game.

The 31-year-old said she heard two popping sounds and felt a pinch in her back, and then a woman behind her screamed. When she looked down, she found a bullet.

Tuesday, Chicago police held a high-level meeting to go over all of the evidence in this evolving case.

One source said that after appearing certain just Tuesday that the bullets came from inside Guaranteed Rate Field, detectives are now reconsidering the possibility that they may have come from outside.

An attorney hired by the woman denied that she brought the gun to the park or had anything to do with the shooting.

Also late Tuesday night, multiple sources told the I-Team that the ATF is assisting CPD with ballistics as part of the investigation into the shooting.

Chicago police issued a statement Tuesday afternoon saying their investigation is still active and ongoing, and that updates will be provided as they become available.

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