Florida man accused of shooting pregnant girlfriend Kaylin Fiengo dead

A Florida man has been accused of shooting and killing his pregnant teenage girlfriend and her unborn child after she refused to get an abortion, officials announced Tuesday.

Donovan Faison, 21, was arrested Tuesday for the double homicide of his girlfriend Kaylin Fiengo, 18, and her unborn baby nearly 10 months after the young mom was found shot to death in her car at a park in Sanford, Sanford police said.

Fiengo had driven to Coastline Park on the night of Nov. 11 to meet up with Faison, according to cops.

The same night — after 11 p.m. — she was found dead with a gunshot wound in the driver’s seat of her parked car.

A Sanford police officer who was patrolling the park noticed the car backed into a parking spot and still running. When he peered inside, he discovered Fiengo’s body in the driver’s seat, police said.

The pair had been having frequent arguments over the teen’s pregnancy in the prior weeks.

Faison reportedly wanted Fiengo to terminate her pregnancy but she refused and investigators believe her refusal was the “probable motive” for her murder, Sanford cops said in a release.

Donovan Faison mug shot
Donovan Faison was arrested Tuesday and charged with two counts of felony homicide.
Sanford Police Department

The teen was at the end of her first trimester at the time of her murder. Police did not say if Faison was the father of the unborn child.

Sanford police cuffed Faison Tuesday and charged him with two counts of felony homicide — one count for Fiengo and one count for her unborn child.

“Today’s events come after a long, almost ten months, of an exhaustive investigation,” Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith said in a statement. “Our investigators have made sure every possible shred of evidence was processed and analyzed in order to bring Kaylin’s killer to justice.”

Fiengo also had a 1-year-old son named Ace and was a devoted mother, her parents said at the time of her death.

“Though Kaylin faced [many] challenges that set her apart from her peers in many ways, she made friends everywhere she went,” the teen’s obituary states. “Kaylin loved spending time with her son, siblings, and friends. Kaylin really was a fun-loving child and had an old soul.”

Kaylin Fiengo
Fiengo, who was at the end of her first trimester when she was killed, left behind a 1-year-old son.
Facebook / Kaylin Fiengo

Smith said she hoped Faison’s arrest would bring some closure to the heartbroken family.

“This beautiful, young woman and mother, was taken from this world far too soon, and in a horrific way,” Smith said. “We hope that today’s arrest brings the slightest amount of peace for Kaylin’s family and the young son she left behind. It doesn’t bring her back, but at least she will have the justice she deserves.”

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