Enter to win a fully-guided bull elk hunt on the conserved Paradise Valley Ranch!

Enter to win a fully-guided bull elk hunt on the conserved Paradise Valley Ranch!

GVLT is excited to partner with the AMB West Hunting Program to raffle off this once-in-a-lifetime experience — a fully-guided bull elk hunt on the historic Paradise Valley Ranch (PVR).  Totally customized for any experience level, from beginners to advanced, the lucky winner and their guest, will be greeted at the ranch by AMB West staff who will guide you at every step of the way.

All proceeds from this raffle will benefit GVLT’s land conservation program, protecting prime agricultural lands, open space, and critical wildlife corridors throughout the Gallatin, Shields, and Paradise Valleys.

To Buy Tickets:

  • Raffle tickets are $25; there is no limit to the number of tickets an individual can purchase.
  • Raffle tickets can be purchased with:
    • Cash (delivered or sent to GVLT office at 212 S. Wallace Suite 101)
    • Check (delivered or sent to GVLT office and made payable to GVLT)
    • Direct Debit on the form below
    • Venmo to @GVLT406, include your name and email address in the comments
  • Due to Montana state gambling regulations, tickets cannot be purchased with credit cards.
  • Tickets will be available for purchase from 9:00 am on Friday, September 1 to midnight on September 30.  The winner will be randomly selected on Monday, October 2, 2023.


  • Winner must be a licensed, resident Montana hunter to win.
  • Montana state law requires winner to purchase an over-the-counter general elk license to harvest a bull elk in Hunting District 314.
  • Winner may bring one additional hunter; second hunter is eligible for a cow elk only.
  • Second hunter must hold a 314 B cow elk license or a general elk license.
  • The hunt will take place at Paradise Valley Ranch on November 5-6, 2023.  PVR will provide lodging if the hunt does go onto the second day.
  • Hunt is fully-guided; hunter will be accompanied by a PVR representative at all times.
  • Winner must provide their own hunting gear, including rifle.
  • Paradise Valley Ranch is a lead-free ammo ranch.  Hunters will be required to hunt with lead free ammo.  GVLT will provide lead-free ammo if necessary.
  • Field dressing the animal is the responsibility of the hunter however PVR staff will be available to help if necessary and assist in packing the harvest out of the field.
  • Winner is responsible for transportation of the harvest to the game processor of their choice as well as all costs associated with processing.
  •  Additional information about the AMB West Hunting Program can be found at https://pvrhunting.com/

Questions?  Contact info@gvlt.org or call 406/587-8404.

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