CCW Safe, Leader in Self-Defense Legal Services, Invests in Revised Brand to Reinforce Commitment after 12 Years

Vetted and approved by Gun University, CCW Safe refreshes brand and website to express their unique values and differentiation

OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, August 29, 2023/ — CCW Safe, the nation’s leader in providing legal defense for self-defense in a holistic way, financially, physically, and emotionally proudly announces the release of their new brand and website reflecting their values and commitment to ensuring the general public has access to the most complete coverage for acting in self-defense.

Founder, Mike Darter states “On this 12th Anniversary of ours, we believe it is time to invest in our Brand and reinforce what we stand for to our members and the industry at large”. “Our values have not changed, our membership plans have not changed, our brand is refreshed to reflect the growing demographics of the gun-owning population in America”.

The company has modernized their look and expressed their values and results through many new interactive videos and testimonials. On the completely revised website, they have added resources for “Members Only” to ensure continued value for those who have purchased CCW Safe plans. Some of the topics include education around gun use and legal defense for self-defense. National and World Shooting Champions and CCW Safe Brand Ambassadors, JJ Racazza and Julie Golob, have provided new material for what to consider when you carry and what to think about when selecting, owning, and carrying a firearm for self-defense. “Being a responsible gun owner, includes education around using firearms, and considering many different situations in regard to protecting yourself and your family” stated Kent Brown, President of CCW Safe. “We want to ensure our members are equipped with the latest industry knowledge from well-known experts like JJ and Julie.” As well, “CCW Safe continues to offer the best and most complete service for our members with regard to legal support, coverage, and personal care.” To learn more about CCW Safe, please visit our website page “Why CCW Safe”.

About CCW Safe

CCW Safe evolved out of a desire to offer the general public the same caring, full service that police officers receive when they’ve acted in self-defense in the line of duty. Since 2011, we have worked to extend that care and personal attention to every member who experiences the trauma associated with acting in self-defense to protect yourself and your family. CCW Safe provides the only holistic coverage with deep expertise for those who have acted in self-defense, addressing the member and their family with not only legal defense, but also physical, financial, and emotional support.

To learn more, visit our website.

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Chief Outsiders

CCW Safe, Your Expert Self-Defense Support Team

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