UNC Carolina shooter – updates: ‘Active shooting’ situation at Chapel Hill campus with reports of one wounded

University on lockdown over ‘active shooting’ situation on campus

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has issued an emergency alert amid reports of an active shooting situation near campus.

Local law enforcement and UNC officials issued an alert just after 1pm Monday about “an armed and dangerous person” on or near the campus.

At least one person was wounded, The Daily Tar Heel reports.

The suspect is still being sought, ABC11 said, after initial unconfirmed reports claimed someone had been taken into custody.

Students are still under a shelter-in-place order as police and paramedics respond to the scene where at least one shot was allegedly heard near Caudill Labs.

More details are continuing to emerge as the situation unfolds.


Heavy police presence three hours after active shooting situation started

A heavy law enforcement presence could be seen at the UNC Chapel Hill campus on Monday evening as authorities continued to hunt for a gunman.

Armoured vehicles and helicopters could also be seen at the scene.

Dozens of students made their way out of certain buildings after being directly instructed to do so, but UNC police said a shelter-in-place remains in effect at large.

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 21:05


Video shows students sheltering inside lecture hall

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 20:54


Police actively clearing campus buildings

Some students were allowed to return to their apartments after law enforcement managed to clear some buildings on campus.

The shelter-in-place order remains in effect. Unless told otherwise, students and faculty are urged to hunker down, and avoid windows and doors.

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 20:43


UNC police release picture of person of interest

“This photo shows a person of interest in today’s armed and dangerous person situation,” UNC Police said in a statement. “If you see this person, keep your distance, put your safety first and call 911.”

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 20:39


FBI, SWAT at the scene as shooter is still at large

UNP Police says the shelter-in-place order remains in place.

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 20:28


Cousin of Parkland shooting victim says friends are hunkering down at UNC building

Samuel Schwartz, whose cousin Alex Schachter was murdered in the 2018 Parkland shooting, said he received video from a friend sheltering in place at UNC at Chapel Hill.

“I’ve got friends who go there and are in hiding right now,” Mr Schwartz tweeted. “They tell me they feel like they want to throw up and they’re watching the cops search the halls. This is daily life in America.”

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 20:25


Shooting on UNC campus leaves at least one wounded, reports say

Students received an emergency alert shortly after 1pm of an “armed and dangerous person on or near campus.”

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 20:13


‘This is a tragic way to stat a new semester’: Governor monitoring active shooting situation

Governor Roy Cooper has issued a statement saying his office has “pledged all state resources needed to capture the shooter,” who remains at large.

“My office is in communication with law enforcement and officials at UNC-Chapel Hill who are taking precautions to protect campus safety following today’s shooting,” Gov Cooper tweeted.

“This is a tragic way to start a new semester and the state will provide any assistance to support the UNC community.”

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 20:00


Mother shares text exchange with son sheltering in place at UNC Chapel Hill campus

Jennifer Reid shared her conversation with her son Michael, a student at UNC, on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Mr Reid told The Independent that her son told her a SWAT team and officers are right across where he is located.

”No one should have to have these text exchanges with their child bc there’s an active shooter at their school. We have to do more to regulate guns in this country!!!” Ms Reid tweeted.

(Jennifer Reid)

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 19:49


PICTURED: Person of interest

Andrea Blanco28 August 2023 19:43

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