A Taste of the 18th Century

Jackie creates genre paintings of American folklore and times gone by: timeless animals, still lifes and portraits.

Her original works are the product of Jackie's use of the techniques of the past.

Antique frames, 18th & 19th century paper, colors and materials add to the timeless charm of these unique and inspiring works.


Layering the paint and mixing  colors in the period fashion ; she achieves the depth and look of traditional 18 & 19th century masters.


 Jackie's original oils, watercolors, dolls and brides boxes are the mainstay of her career.

Paintings are presented in period frames. Showing her Pennsylvania German Heritage, Jackie creates one of a kind hand made dolls-the dolls are dressed in authentic period children's clothing including the undergarments. She painstakingly hand sculpts the heads- covers them in fine kidskin, then sews the sawdust stuffed bodies and dresses them.


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